I’m soaked to the bones, there are no longer any roofs left without holes. But this place is perfect to see without being seen. The people at the square came a few days ago. A mix of cripples, misshapen and disfigured.

It is rumored that their leader is a blind, a kind of witch who can see and devour the souls of people. I no longer believe this stories, the only thing I trust are my eyes, and what they have seen is that they still have working trucks, warm tents and most importantly food.

Projecting sinister shadows seems that a group of the bigger and strong men are preparing to leave. They are heading south. I’ve heard that they plan to cross the Pyrenees, but there is only more misery on the other side of that mountain. Don’t they have anything better to do? I don’t care what goes through the heads of these “clowns”, this is my time to sneak in.


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