Luis Royo and Romulo Royo are the creators of the project Malefic Time, a universe designed to fuse illustration, painting, music, sculpture, and other arts as never before.

LUIS ROYOLuis Luis Royo began his career as a painter in 1972, and came in to the world of comics in 1978, but it was in the field of illustration, in the hands of the agency and publisher Norma Editorial, where he has developed his extensive career. He has done illustrations for covers of novels and video games for some of the largest companies in the world. His work has always been characterized by the realism of its characters, strength and sensuality.

ROMULO ROYORomulo He started his career in 1995 in publications like Barcelona and Planetarium, and develops his skills as an illustrator with the agency Norma Editorial until 1999. In recent years he has also advanced in the art of sculpture and has been present in places as Metelkova Museum, Can Framis Museum, City of Valencia Museum, Fran Daurel Foundation, Maeztu de Estella Museum and National Museum of Slovenia among others. There he exposed series like Siamese or Metal-Piel, consisting of paintings, sculptures, installations and technological media.

After the creation of the project multiple artists from different disciplines and arts have been adding and adding their contributions to Malefic Time expanding, beautifying and bringing a new perspective to this new universe.

Writer, Author of the Novel Malefic Time: CODEX APOCALYPSE Jesus Vilches
Editor and Agent Oscar Valiente (Norma Editorial)
Cartoonist, author of Manga SOUM Kenny Ruiz
Roleplaying Book PLENILUNIO Manuel J. Sueiro (NoSoloRol)
Additional Illustrations PLENILUNIO Javier Charro (NoSoloRol)
Edition Norma Editorial
Page layout Vanessa Martínez
United States, Spain and Latin America Norma Editorial
France Bragelonne-Milady, Sans-Detour
Germany Cross Cult
Italy Rizzoli Lizard
Rusia Azbuka (Азбука)
Calendars and Stationery Heye
Collection Figures Yamato
Miniature Figures Nocturna Models
Plenilunio NoSoloRol (Spanish version) and Sans Detour (French Version)
Ecos del Irkalla NoSoloRol (Spanish version and French Version)
Miniature Figures Nocturna Models
Musical Coordinator Antonio Sediles
Music Alberto Rionda (Avalanch – Alquimia)
Cinematography Miguel Mesas
Photography Rebeca Saray
Costumes, Makeup and Props Alassie (Costurero Real)
Props and Atrezzo Jafet leonardo (Prop Corn)
Authoring DVD Edu Marimón
Animation and Visual Effects Onirikal Studio
Originals Management and Exhibitions Pilar San Martín (Laberinto Gris)
Theoretical of Art Fernando Castro