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Comic Salon in Malaga, ANIMACOMIC

On 5 and 6 July at the comic salon in Malaga, Animacomic, Luis Royo and Romulo Royo will perform a presentation of the second book of Malefic Time series, 110 Katanas, in addition to giving a talk and make signatures.

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They were walking by the streets full of paintings on the doors. There were weird symbols on the walls, symbolic strokes on the floor and hanged pieces of cloth with emblems. In their advance they found a trace of blood. They looked in front: on a dark passage celtic symbols mixed with chinese kanji stood out on the facade of a building. That combination of symbols was not normal. Luz wanted to investigate.

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Malefic arrives to Paris …

Recently an exhibition took place in Paris, at the gallery Huberty & Breyne. Among multiple exhibits should be noted a collection dedicated to Malefic Time, we leave you with some pictures of the event.

Exposición en la galeria Huberty & Breyne, Paris.

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Luz: Here I do not need presentation. Here all await my arrival. I’m the one that still has doubts. Yukiko is the director. Soum told me about it. I’m in this place and with those people that led her to me … but I am back without her.

 110 KATANAS left the workshop. Luz left to Japan with that Onis, Yokay, those new samurai and the fanatics who have a katana for lover, silver and cutting edge on one side and burning penis on the other. Now she is with you. Now it is time again to immerse ourselves in a new Malefic Time.

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Announcing future give away

Two books of the trilogy has already seen the light.

The Malefic Time community is large and passionate, so we would like to organize a series of events in which everyone can participate.

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Once more the International Comic Fair in Barcelona

A big hello to all of you who have been able to attend the signatures session of your books at the Comic Fair in Barcelona and big thanks to Norma Editorial and all the organizers who made this event possible.

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