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Baal Diary, Banner


Times of the lands beyond the stars come to mind. They come, and my mouth fills with saliva impregnated of glories and failures.

They come, and I can taste the darkness, the marked goals and skies overcast by battles.

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Suddenly the window opened wide. The wind has entered the studio making papers fly all over the place, creating a whirlwind of chaos. After collecting the drawings, we found cuts. They look like old newspapers, but the dates can not be right.

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Thirteen years have passed since the Chernobyl disaster. The area is laying off an atmosphere of sadness and desolation. The few inhabitants of Naroülia, a small town nearby, are infected people who have been deformed after the tragedy, watch the dense reddish ambient that blurs the clouds of heaven. They are alert, although the installations are covered by the giant sarcophagus. It is not the first time that the air is tinged with red.

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The Order 2, Novice Fragment


As the moon raised, they were prepared in a line, wearing a long black robe, and a short samurai sword. Soum had her robe in the small cabinet but she refused to use it after asking twice and get not a single word as answer, she was not willing to be a lap dog, however she got in line with the others.

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She woke and through a couple of holes in the wall with embedded thick glasses no more than four inches, looked at the street, she was uneasy. With her Yamaha she knew that once more she could circumvent the area and begin the business with her new acquisitions. They were waiting for her at the exit. News travels fast. She always left with the bike on top speed and on the march pulled the lock lever, foreseeing such ambushes, but the four mastodons of this occasion made the motorcycle fall to the ground and in a question of seconds they had her grabbed. They were mercenaries dressed in ancient samurai clothes, the fifth was a small thin being with white skin. He took the bags without looking at her and pulled out a long knife to slice her neck.
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The return of the Hatter

- Jesús Vilches

Luis, Rómulo…

I feel so proud of what we have built despite such difficulty that I think our bond, which should be granted the most brilliant and bright merit, is well above of the project that brought us together, and has soaked me up like those storms of autumn that seem to barely wet you, but gets to the bones. I am having a hard time to explain this complex and deep feelings without falling into topics or superfluity. The fact that I love you and admire equally I hope it’s something that there is no reason to argue at this point.

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