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I’m soaked to the bones, there are no longer any roofs left without holes. But this place is perfect to see without being seen. The people at the square came a few days ago. A mix of cripples, misshapen and disfigured.

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How many gods they have come up with to hold the primitive force, to fill the hearts with terror. They have spent centuries transforming each god into a new one, changing their names as the people changed their culture. The same dogs with a different collar. Father was a master at controlling his flock, while we were blinded by the sweat of battle up there, we let the standard bearers of the individual to suffer persecution and death on this side. Nor the apocalypse should have arrived. Our voices are drowned now.

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You refused the pleasure to Adam for his audacity. The woman who now accompanies him, has become well know down here for making the feminine become a sea of intrigues. I do not know if I could, after these years of chaos, return back to the fields with their green bed of moss and be reborn in smiles, I do not know if those warm beds will receive again the leftovers from the carnal fertility.

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The one that fills the dreams of Baal … the essence of which has emerged Luz …

This was a special edition of Lilith by Yamato Toys USA, the mythical figure that includes the feminine aspects of the Malefic Time universe. Of a past time, perhaps before leaving the paradise, she is presented to us in a clear dress where white predominates as theme to the character.

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Under your wings, you push this little girl to hold your flag on lands that does not belong to us, in lands of humans. And you turn me into her shadow.

Have you thought about your fire that can be seen in her eyes?

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TOKYO 2023

Tokyo August 13 of 2023,

Keio Plaza has appeared this morning with 17 bodies, all with teared necks, wounds of stabbing and several marks of bites on their necks, the bodies were bloodless.
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