You refused the pleasure to Adam for his audacity. The woman who now accompanies him, has become well know down here for making the feminine become a sea of intrigues. I do not know if I could, after these years of chaos, return back to the fields with their green bed of moss and be reborn in smiles, I do not know if those warm beds will receive again the leftovers from the carnal fertility.

Your passion that converts all the penises in banners has been forgotten, your harmony that helps the knowledge and light grow, was buried a millennia ago. There are days I can not look to the horizon of human with the eyes of hope.

You refused the pleasure to Marduk for his evil arts. Today he walks his cruelty down here. Laughing while he picks his piece of the pie, and plays with humans as if they were ants coming into the anthill. Men see him even more powerful than he really is. Lilith, they have been injecting fear into the souls of men for very long time. We all neglect this place frolicking in your bed. This fear is so embedded in their spirits that it may no longer be possible to tear off.

One day call me back to your side.

Let me mourn some time in the beyond.

Your delicate fruit is as independent as you.

I know you believe in her mission, but nobody in this land of chaos right now assures the future. Even I think she can not compose the two pieces of the grail. I know I just have to be a shadow in this campaign, but to be so, let me get away from the temptation of her white hair.

The hundreds of warriors who were once between your thighs, down here, have lost the twinkle in their eyes, some have ended up in the ranks of Nergal and his unforgiving gods, others have lost their way, and those who are left by my side, I can feel that their wings are too heavy for them.

When the skies will be cleaned of these dense clouds, to see the bright round moon again?


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