How many gods they have come up with to hold the primitive force, to fill the hearts with terror. They have spent centuries transforming each god into a new one, changing their names as the people changed their culture. The same dogs with a different collar. Father was a master at controlling his flock, while we were blinded by the sweat of battle up there, we let the standard bearers of the individual to suffer persecution and death on this side. Nor the apocalypse should have arrived. Our voices are drowned now.

How much work remains to be done among the ruins. How to revive the fertile smile now?

We neglected our fellow mortals down here, we only let them find us in their hearts. And meanwhile the entourage of Father has implemented one order after another and directed their lives. The same fruits of the sinister Eva, was born in our image, but the father of Nergal knew how to deceive and convinced that it was his image. When I think about it, I remember your red hair and I understand that I would neglect these lands and these brothers, because nothing is more powerful than one of those red hair.

I just hope that your white night light will know how to direct its rays. That this young woman lost in misery, will know how to cut forever with the edge of your sword the cold and alien commandments to the man. And the new era, called here Aquarius, delete the wrong way of the one given the name of Pisces.

I just hope that the Cauldron of Regeneration that you inspired, also cease to be a source of energy based on the blood of the battle. I also hope that your sword calm its thirst, and its edge become blunt, for it to lie down on this sterile soil, and with its cross only indicate the four cardinal points and no bloodshed nor sacrifice.

I get impatient waiting that together the two opposing symbols of the grail are joined to simply represent your fertile and playful sign.

I do not know if Malefic will understand all this or will get lost in the pleasure of the blood of her sword and the blood of her tears. But I remain faithful to the commitment, respecting your request to give only the accurate information to your fruit, though her eyes are asking for more answers and the vision of her thighs clouding me north.


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