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Lilith, sculpture by Yamato

The place is reddish …  stone, even the air seems to be wrapped in that color.

Like her hair. Long hair, of blood. Hair belonging to a woman of infinite beauty. A woman, The Woman … known to all as Lilith and also called the Great Mother.

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110 KATANAS in Print

110 Katanas already in the machines. It will come out soon!

Pruebas de impresion 110 Katanas

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We are what we are

—Are you gods?

—No. We are what we are – says bitterly – . But some love to use that title when they appear before you. Others… we fell.

—I saw a battle. I saw you raising a flag. I saw him tearing your wings off.

Lucifer looks at her with certain indolence. There is a shred of nostalgia in his lifeless eyes.

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The sun wears red blood an ancient city near the horizon. Tokyo gives out day by day its former glory. The silence has settled like a crushing slab on the streets, but the buildings are still standing. Lackluster with chipped facades and signs, but still standing, and that could not be said for all cities. The old districts have become hermetic. Each has its own rules, life and owners. Many of its colorful streets of the past are now nothing more than sinister and dangerous alleys. Creatures that previously thought to exist in legend and fantasy inhabit them.

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Interview by Paulino Cuevas (Part Two)

Pictorially (in terms of experimentation, expression, …) at what time you find yourselves, because I understand that projects as this have much work behind it.

The project itself takes a goal of uniting different arctistic branches together to constitute a whole. Each one has to offer its own independent Malefic, but with further addition of the disciplines in the project, the sum of them compleate more the universe of Malefic making it richer and opening new posibilities.

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Interview by Paulino Cuevas (Part One)

110 KATANAS, the second part of Malefic Time is heading its way to print. At the same time, the first images of AKELARRE, its third part, already begin to be made in the studio.

An interview with Paulino Cuevas can give an idea of the path Malefic in these monthsof its start and what lies ahead:

How did that Malefic again so long after awakening?

We decided while we were painting a dome in Moscow. It was a few months we worked 0:14 hour hand to hand isolated on scaffolding and retake one character who is an illustration of the early nineties. At that time the board had face to face and create a world we play around Malefic. Was just something for us, not fully developed and then remained stored in drawers. But in those months in Moscow, the two isolated again after so long, went back to get into the world Malefic, extended it and decided to return to what would become a project to be undertaken.

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