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Malefic Time: Plenilunio a world of Survivors

Malefic Time: Plenilunio (Full Moon), role-playing game, is taking shape with each passing day. A “friendly” survivor pities us and takes a moment to warn about the dangers ahead.

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Malefic Time Project

The third book of Malefic Time is on the way, pages of Akelarre are all around the studio. But before revealing anything let’s take a look at the Malefic story from its beginning.

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2015 Calendar Malefic Time

2015 is coming, only 3 pages left. But all of them with beautiful illustrations from Malefic Time.

Cover of Malefic Time Calendar 2014Back side of Malefic Time 2014 Calendar

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The winged creatures that describes the American in his stories, angels embodied in illustrations. Beings foreign to our world living in our society. The American did not specify where and when they first appeared. Have you tried searching for “Anunnaki” on the internet?

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An organization whose origins are lost in time, but not its objective. A cult consisting only of women whose willpower is as hard as the steel of their Katanas. Soum was one of the Chosen Eight Katanas, the elite of the Order. Her mission, bring the thirteenth.

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Great news for fans of roleplaying games! The house Nosolorol Ediciones is working on the game Malefic Time, PLENILUNIO.

Walking the same streets as Luz in this apocalyptic world. Visit the most iconic landmarks. Where would your game master take you? Which side will you favour Angels, Fallen or shall you attempt to stay out of the conflict?

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