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The numbers of our watches are advancing towards the apocalypse. The time left behind is full of events. We said goodbye to the last year, very rewarding, remembering all the steps we have taken toward expansion of the universe Malefic Time.  This includes launch of the second book Malefic Time: 110 Katanas where we learned the details of the journey that Luz took to Tokyo, home of Soum her partner that we met in Apocalypse. The creation and publication of role playing game Malefic Time: Plenilunio that opens up a range of endless possibilities for understanding the society of 2039 as one of the survivors from the streets of New York. In addition to the figures of Luz and other characters from the hand of Nocturna Models and Yamato USA.

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Malefic Time: Plenilunio, a great addition to the project. Last 12,13 and 14 December in Madrid at Expocómic took place the expected launch of role playing game Malefic Time: Plenilunio. Like the manga SOUM by Kenny Ruiz showed us the life in Japan with cults, clans and fantasy creatures that inhabit it, or Jesus Vilches in Codex: Apocalypse that revealed in detail the events that took place in New York, in the game Malefic Time : Plenilunio we will have the opportunity to observe these and many other world events from the perspective of a survivor who tries to thrive in the shade of solar and lunar in the year 2033.

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This past weekend (October 31) the first public game of Malefic Time: Plenilunio took place in Frikiolimpiadas, in Madrid, thanks to NOSOLOROL editions.

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Recently we announced that we would giveaway 15 signed laminae on our facebook page as we reach 9000 followers.

Today we have reached this goal.

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Malefic Time: Plenilunio a world of Survivors

Malefic Time: Plenilunio (Full Moon), role-playing game, is taking shape with each passing day. A “friendly” survivor pities us and takes a moment to warn about the dangers ahead.

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Malefic Time Project

The third book of Malefic Time is on the way, pages of Akelarre are all around the studio. But before revealing anything let’s take a look at the Malefic story from its beginning.

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