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Great news for fans of roleplaying games! The house Nosolorol Ediciones is working on the game Malefic Time, PLENILUNIO.

Walking the same streets as Luz in this apocalyptic world. Visit the most iconic landmarks. Where would your game master take you? Which side will you favour Angels, Fallen or shall you attempt to stay out of the conflict?

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There are many characters from Malefic Time universe. Each has its own personality reflected in the books. Here we present a cosplay dedicated to the character SOUM by Maria Sanz León. What character you like most of Malefic Time universe? Send us photos of your cosplay to facebook and maybe the next post will be about you!

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Malefic Time at Tenerife Lan Party

This week from 15 to 20 of July at the fairgrounds in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the event known as Tenerife Lan Party is held. From Friday 18, Luis Royo will perform signatures and presentation of the second book of the Malefic Time series, 110 Katanas.

More information about the event at:

Back from Malaga

Thanks to all that could attend to the signatures, to Marian and to all the organization of Animacomic for this special days we spent with the breeze of Malaga.

Animacomic, Malaga

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Interview on RTVE

Interview on RTVE by Jesus Jimenez to Luis Royo and Romulo Royo at Animacomic, Malaga.

Luis Royo and Romulo are two of today’s most valued artists in the world, true visionaries who have exhibited in the best galleries and have led to new territories in illustration. And their current work, Malefic Time (Norma) is the most ambitious media project in the history of comics and illustration.

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110 Katanas Portada, Luis Royo & Romulo Royo

Have you ever been afraid?

Have you ever been afraid? Really afraid? That fear that makes you shake your whole body and nullifies any thought other than the desperate need to escape?

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